Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Proud to be a BobbleHead

Yes, you know who you are, calling all of us who simply adore Bill Clinton and cannot get enough of hearing him speak, bobbleheads. Speaking at my Party's national convention in Denver, Bill Clinton speech was powerful and passionate and exactly what the country needed to hear. He's so charismatic, intelligent, motivating, and just fucking amazing.

Hell, if I was there, I would be showing him my thong underwear.

Yes, sweetie, I'm a bobblehead when it comes to listening to Bill Clinton speak. I didn't let you down. I was nodding in full agreement when he said "...Barack Obama knows that America can not be strong abroad unless we are first strong at home" and "People the world over have always been more impress by the power of our example, then by the example of our power" Heck, I was nodding to the very end of his speech and if I wasn't in my car driving, I would have stood and applauded, along with the millions of other proud Americans who love their beloved Clinton and fully stand behind Barack Obama with full appreciation and respect.

Wow ... I just love him.

Check out Jimmy Kimmel Live - his spoof on BC's speech, the convention and Obama's choice for VP is so funny.

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