Monday, November 10, 2008

Yea - I'm Almost Reaching My Goal

Today I weighed in at 128. When I started this blog, a few years ago, I was longing to be back to my weight of my previous years (pre-marriage) and was shooting for 120 lbs. I've always been thin and for some reason, about 9 months after I got married, my weight jumped from 115 to almost 140 lbs. I wish I could say it was because I had gotten pregnant, but I can't. I really don't know what happen, other than I was no longer stressed out from the wedding planning and I no longer lived in a City, where before, I was always walking. But that doesn't really fully explain it since, I had been living in the suburbs for 4 years already.

After having my daughter, I was successful in getting my weight down to 128. I only gained 23 lbs with my daughter (and the last three pounds came on almost at the end, when she was past her due date.) When I was pregnant with my son, I began at 127, dropped down to 124 during my first trimester, and then gain about 25 lbs that time. But it was what I did afterwards - I gave in to my sweet tooth (thus the name) and though I was able to lose about half the weight, trying to get under 130 seemed impossible. My weight wanted to hover around 135lbs.

I didn't like it - its' hard to suddenly not be thinner than your friends and family, to not be in better shape than your friends, and worse yet, to be as heavy as some of your friends. I know that sounds shallow and my noshing on cookies, brownies, chocolate, etc., definitely didn't help me. Yes, I am almost 5'7 and can carry off the extra weight, but I just hated the way I looked in my clothes and the sudden appearance of cellulite in the oddest places.

The last two - three years I have seen my weight really go up, to my highest this past February of a 160 lbs. For the past several years, I have had so many people ask me when I was "due", I just started to make up a date to hush them up. I am one of those unfortunate souls who gain weight in my stomach and boobs, and really do carry it off as if I am pregnant. So to be back into clothing that I haven't been able to wear since before I was pregnant with my son is just awesome for me, even if I have just gone down a cup size.

I've cut out wheat and dairy and it's really working, and I have began to do some exercising - walking and biking. In fact, I will be entering into my first 5 mile marathon - Thanksgiving Day. I won't be running in it, but walking a good pace.

Ahh, life seems to be good at 41. I don't think it's my reality to be 120 lbs. I would like to lose a few more lbs and stay at around 125 but if return to 130lbs that I have been these past few months, and to be able to stay between a size 6 and 8, I will be very happy!!!

And then I think I will have to rename my blog ....


cruisin-mom said...

hey, good for you Jaime...but don't be too hard on yourself. You are tall, and 128 is thin. Keep exercising, and stay healthy, and your body will naturally find it's way.

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

As long as I can keep the weight off from my stomach. As often as I have been asked "when I was due" I should have already have a house full of toddlers by now.

(this is funny - my word verification is Pregari)