Monday, December 22, 2008

Mommy, What's Cocaine?

This was a question posed to me a few weeks back from Noah. Naturally I was stunned to say the very least, but he has been coming up with some unusual questions and statements recently and as we all know, no matter how much we shelter our kids, their ears and eyes are wide open, absorbing everything around them.

Back to cocaine, I thought perhaps David was listening to Clapton and Noah, who loves music, heard the word through the song, Cocaine. This has made me a little more conscious with what type of music (or shall I say lyrics) that is being played within earshot of the kids. What inspired this post is my car ride this morning - three songs in a row - Stroke Me, Cocaine, and Big Balls all played. This got me thinking about a list of other songs that have lyrics that I may not be ready to give out explanations for - for example, my last post - Bitch, by Meredith Brooks, or even Alanis Morisette's ... You Oughta Know. (Thankfully, my kids DO NOT read my blog or my facebook wall.)

With the comeback of the 80's - I heard recently Push It by Salt'n Pepper and Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Of course, there are plenty of songs on radio from other genres that I will never allow my kids to listen to (and to my dismay, know plenty of parents who do allow their kids) but I am not talking about those specific genres - I am referring to classic rock and pop. Guess that is why I feel safer with the kids listening to Country, though Noah did make a clever observation and commented that Country music always sings about lost love and their dog getting run over. I totally cracked up at that. See, again, proves that kids are not only listening but are very observant.

A few years ago, My Humps was the rage and I was watching in on Youtube. Talia came into the room and saw it and instantly loved it. Then she told me our neighbor's girls (teenagers) also were listening to the song. She was humming it all the time, to the point, I was really worried that she would be singing it at school. Well, for public school, this may not be so unusual or unacceptable, but Talia attends a Jewish orthodox school and I didn't think the Rabbi would quite appreciate hearing her singing out loud, "My Hump, my hump, my lovely ladie lumps".

Below is a parody of that song from Alanis Morissette. Actually, it's the same lyrics but a spoof on the video. It's quite clever - I love it (but don't let your kids watch it!!!)

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Ibrahimblogs said...

Today kids have become so intelligent!! They grasp whatever they see or hear. We have to be very careful with them.

This is Ibrahim from Israeli Uncensored News