Monday, September 29, 2008

China and the Tainted Milk Crisis

I was just reading an article about how global and far reaching the tainted milk crisis in China is and how many people around the world are affected by it. The list of companies facing potential recalls are growing as reports of foods tainted with the industrial chemical melamine is spreading.

It's not only babies and formula or those drinking powder milk, that are at risk, it's those that are eating the hundreds, maybe thousands of food products processed with milk or protein in it. *Some of those products that folks may not even be thinking about include biscuits, cake mix, energy bars, anything that should have protein in it. Even the icing that is used on some Oreo cookies is in question (though Kraft has put out a press release that the milk used is from Australia and that all their products are held to the highest quality, no matter where they are manufactured).

How many of those products are reaching the US? Perhaps not many, but what worries me are all those other countries that those products are infiltrating into. We take it for granted that what we are eating, or feeding our pets or even brushing our teeth with is safe.

The question is will this be a wake up call? Will China and all these multinational-corporations finally be held accountable for their inaction and turning a blind's eye to food safety?


I just saw this article - hopefully this will help, at least, in bringing attention to food safety issues and international regulation.

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